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Star of the Aesir (Pendant in antiqued silver)

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Products description

Nordic symbol, 40 x 40 mm, 925 Old silver, two-faced design

The Asen (Old Norse. Æsir "piles", Sg. Áss, PGmc. * Ansuz) are the younger race of gods in Norse mythology. The older generation is called Vanir (Old Norse. Vanir, Sg. VanR). After the younger Edda live twelve Aesir in Asgard (home of the gods). You rule over the world and people, however, limited by the fate that only know the Norns in full. They are presented as characteristics such as strength, power and strength. They are largely humanizes, that have an earthly life. Like humans, they are mortal. Only the apples of Idun they stay young, to almost all of them are killed for Ragnarök. The sex of Asen consists of martial deities, while it has more to do with fertility gods Vanir. According to one theory put the Vanir is a reminder of the gods of the pre-Indo-European indigenous people whose culture was changed by the invading Indo-Europeans in a kind of syncretism. Accordingly, the Aesir meet the gods of the Indo-Europeans. The Æsir-Vanir War, in which the two sexes gods fight each other and ending with a peace agreement and the exchange of hostages (whereby we know Vanir to the Æsir arrive), represents the confrontation of these ethnic groups. Since only the Aesir are occupied in the south of the two Norse gods families, the allocation to the families of some deities is not assured. The names of gods Tyr, Odin, Thor and Freyja are clearly in English, but also partly in the German name of the weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) recognizable.

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